About Our Organization & Funders

  • We believe in fundamental human rights for all individuals (immigrants, refugees, and Canadians of African backgrounds) impacted by HIV/AIDS.
  • We envision a society that treats all individuals with respect, dignity and social justice.
  • Our central values include support, empowerment, education and advocacy.

We are a dedicated and supportive team of survivors, who are struggling to overcome barriers of language and stigmatization, to unite and uplift each other.   We establish networks for peer education and collaborative knowledge-sharing, in our particular culturally appropriate context (and languages, as Swahili, Amharic and English.)

The AFRO-CANADIAN POSITIVE NETWORK OF BC SOCIETY is an incorporated non-profit organization (since 2012. Updated Sept. 2018. Our society incorporation number is S0057042.)

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are community members and highly skilled professionals who are committed to helping our clients as well as other vulnerable community members. They meet routinely to address the short and long-term needs of our organization.

Our Executive Director:Patience_smile

  • Patience MAGAGULA

Board Directors:

  • Alysha BARATTA
  • Kombii NANJALAH
  • Tyo RITA
  • Patricia SKY
  • Erycom Kizzito
    (Board Chair)THRIVE_yvr_blur_sm3

Our Funders

Thank you to our funders, who are as passionate about helping vulnerable families as well are. Our funders to date include:
[ VIIV Healthcare ][ BC Poverty Reduction Coalition][ Vancity ]

Shooting Stars Foundation[ Vancouver Foundation ][ Fraser Health ][BETA Collective: a coworking movement]


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