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April 2020:
COVID19 + HIV = Food Insecurity

  • Donations are needed NOW! We’re seeking to set up a FOOD BANK for our members… We want to support asylum seekers, and women fleeing domestic violence, and in the current situation it’s very difficult to keep on your medication without enough food to eat! Please support this work!
February 7 is African, Caribbean & Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Our Events…

YouthCO & ACP Net callout for African, Caribbean and Black Canadian HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on February 7, 2020!

Start a Conversation. Know your health Options. End the Stigma.

Resources from our friends at CHABAC:

  • HIV411.ca — Find local info
  • It Takes Courage – ACCHO Campaign
  • Staying Healthy in Canada: What Everyone Should Know [Brochure] – SERC, 2010
    This brochure, written in English, French, Spanish, Swahili, Arabic and Amharic, offers basic information on HIV in Canada and is intended for immigrants and refugees.
    Download the PDF
  • Women Taking Care of Ourselves – SERC, 2010
    This brochure offers the basics on HIV transmission, testing, and treatment for immigrant and refugee women in English, French, Spanish, Swahili, Arabic and Amharic.
    Download the PDF

More Info: http://blackhivday.ca/resources.html

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